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Invisalign, Biteguard and Retainer Tray Cleaner

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Dr. Mark’s HyGenie, with DentalFresh cleansing gel, is designed to clean, store, and protect all types of removable dental appliances, including retainers, aligners, splints, nightguards, sports mouthguards, sleep appliances, and dentures.  For those larger-than-average-sized dentures, HyGenie also offers a special cleaning brush called SureGrip. 

Carry the product in your office and sell it to each patient as you deliver their removable appliance, or include it with the device as part of your treatment. You’ll be helping your patients even more, by giving them an easy way to care for their appliance.

Appliance Kit Includes:

(1) HyGenie Device

(2) DentalFresh cleansing gel (50ml)