Becoming The Whitening Specialist Training

As patients continue to request more whitening treatment options, dental practices are beginning to expand the whitening services and products they offer their patients. This aspect of dentistry can not only increase practice profitability, but it can also draw more patients into the practice. It is the responsibility of each member of the dental team to educate and inform their patients and themselves about the best whitening options available.

What is the Whitening Specialist

Whitening Specialist will be committed to running the office’s whitening program, including handling all whitening patients and their treatment. The ideal candidate for this position is motivated, possesses leadership qualities and administrative skills, and is someone with strong communication and interpersonal skills to ensure superior patient care and satisfaction. This is a demanding and highly REWARDING position! This individual will be responsible for patient treatment planning, performance of all whitening services, including pre-operative and post-operative appointments, scheduling, and will maintain close communication with the doctor(s).

What you will learn:

Various Whitening Options and Applications
Foods that Stain
Tray Bleaching Indications
Whitening Options
Sensitivity and Post Op Instructions
New Patient Consultation and Photography
New Patient Call and Scheduling
Live Whitening Consultation
Custom Tray Fabrication
An Overview of Take Home Whitening
Various Cases Utilizing a Custom Tray
Successful Take Home Whitening
Pre-Filled Whitening System
Understanding a Pre-Filled Whitening System
Alternatives to Over the Counter Bleaching
In Office Whitening



Specialty certificate