Whitening For Clear Aligner Orthodontic

Having a mouth full of misaligned, yellowed teeth can be an intense, even traumatizing experience. Folks may spend years ashamed of their smiles before they get to experience the metamorphic powers of a smile transformation. New Opalescence™ PF whitening for aligners is made for people who want to not only straighten their teeth, but to whiten them at the same time. 

Note: Opalescence PF for aligners kits do not come with aligners.

Longtime dental assistant and prolific lecturer Shannon Pace-Brinker has assisted countless patients through their aligner journeys. She’s also created hundreds of CE courses featuring aligners. She says Opalescence whitening for aligners will help legions of patients get the smile they desire. “Now you’re giving [patients] the best of both worlds. Not only are you straightening their teeth, but you’re making them whiter—which go together.”

 “There are a lot of perks. (Patients) don’t have to take the tray in and out, because the solution allows for long-term use and minimizes concerns of sensitivity. Doctors don’t have to fabricate new trays because the patient can use the aligner they were going to be wearing anyway. It also helps motivate the patient to keep their aligner in their mouth—promoting compliance,” Pace-Brinker says, adding that Opalescence whitening for aligners solution also keeps teeth hydrated. “You’re covering the teeth, so you have some water in that solution, which is another perk. That’s like a surprise, or a gift, to the patient.”

 Compliance is a huge factor in patient success with aligners. With traditional brackets and wires, movement will be achieved because the patient can’t remove them. With aligners, a patient can simply take them out. “We don’t want to give [patients] any reason to take [aligners] out,” Pace-Brinker says.

Each kit comes with four syringes of Opalescence PF whitening in the 10% concentration.

Feeling sensitivity while whitening with aligners could be a reason for a patient to fall out of compliance. With this in mind, Opalescence whitening for aligners comes in a mild 10% concentration. Patients can comfortably wear the aligner with the whitening solution throughout the day or night, for (up to) 8-10 hours/day throughout the duration of the whitening treatment process. Mitigating sensitivity issues minimizes reasons for a patient to remove their aligner, which keeps them in compliance and maximizes potential for movement of the teeth. “The compliance factor is higher (when using Opalescence whitening for aligners vs. not) because if you’re giving them a brighter smile, they’re going to wear the tray more; because they can easily see that result,” Pace-Brinker says.  

 Pace-Brinker coaches practices on whitening while straightening with aligners. She says many practices don’t realize that they don’t need to fabricate additional trays for the whitening solution. Opalescence PF whitening for aligners works with the trays the patients would be wearing anyway. There’s also no special cleaning needed for the aligner after the whitening solution has been used.


The kit also comes conveniently packaged for the user who’s on the go. Each kit is designed to be portable and comes with four syringes.

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